At HearClear Audiology, we strive to provide personalised hearing assessment and treatment solutions that are specially tailored for your requirements. We are proud to share with you testimonials from satisfied clients who rely on us for all their hearing health needs.

At HearClear Audiology, we understand the importance of hearing care and are committed to providing exceptional services to our clients. You’ll find testimonials from happy clients who have experienced the transformative effects of what a personalised hearing care approach can offer.

From comprehensive hearing tests to personalised treatment plans, our team of qualified professionals has helped many clients in Adelaide boost their quality of life through improved hearing. Whether it’s the joy of reconnecting with loved ones, participating fully in conversations, or enjoying the sounds of nature, our testimonials showcase the positive impact our services have had on people’s lives.

If you’re considering seeking professional hearing care, these testimonials will provide you with valuable firsthand accounts of the positive outcomes you can expect.

Take a friend for support

My neighbour Angelina & I visited the Woodville office of HearClear in November 2019. We went together for a hearing test, to support each other. Both of us needed hearing aids and we found Robert Vinci, our audiologist to be thorough, caring & very patient with our questions & extremely thorough explaining our choices for hearing aids. The front staff are always polite & friendly, whether you visit personally or by telephone. Our experience on this journey was not the daunting experience we both thought it would be. We would not hesitate to encourage others to organise a hearing test appointment with HearClear Audiology without any further delay.

- Margie Renella & Angelina Arsego

This is service at its best

I attended Walkerville Clinic and was looked after by Andrej Kammer. I previously have been a loyal customer for over 20 years at a different hearing aid provider. What a breath of fresh air was Andrej, his knowledge, service to detail, willingness to help me with my choices. This is service at its best, I cannot believe I didn't contact Andrej sooner. I am absolutely delighted with my new hearing aids as recommended by Andrej and I have severe hearing loss, so I am rapt to say the least! Once again, Thanks to Andrej and his team.

Greg Campbell

My quality of life changed for the better

I have suffered ringing and hearing disturbance since I was a child due to my parent having factory/machinery noises. I struggled in school and in my adult life due to not being able to understand and receive the correct information.

I have had issues at work not being able to hear patients, friends and others and it had caused issues where they thought I was being rude, not understanding information and worse of all I was making mistakes at work as I couldn’t communicate with patients and staff.

I went to HearClear Renmark and was given my first pair of hearing aids at the age of 46. I have found my quality of life changed for the better. I could hear my own voice and conversations from the distance, able to do my work effectively and was able to also hear my voice better as a worship singer at church.

I couldn’t thank HearClear enough. I highly recommend their professional service, understanding and support in my transition through wearing hearing aids for the first time. Thank you so much!

Renmark client

Now I can hear the TV

There have been a lot of hearing problems in my family over the years & now at the age of 86 it has been happening slowly for several years. I got a set of hearing aids & they did not seem to help & then I heard of HearClear. I went to the Horsham hearing clinic & Ben the young man in charge fitted me with your hearing aids & they have helped me a lot. Now I can hear the TV. I still have a bit of trouble when at a distance from a speaker or when there’s a crowd, but really, I am so grateful for the great service. Ben was very thorough in fitting me & making me feel comfortable.

A sincere thanks,

Dorothy Armstrong

It’s so wonderful to be able to hear the world again

From the moment I walked in the door & met Jamila I knew she was a genuine person interested in her clients. She explained to me what she was going to do for me and a week later she gave me a new life. It’s so wonderful to be able to hear the world again. Until I met Jamila I’d had about 4 lots of hearing aids, none were any use to me. Now I put on my wonderful new hearing aids from HearClear and I feel alive & able to have conversations on every level with my friends. Thank you Dear Jamila

Margaret C

I was a bit nervous...but I did not need to be

I was more than happy with the service I received from HearClear Audiology. I found the staff to be very friendly and most helpful in their advice as this was my first set of hearing aids and I was a bit nervous about the whole process, but I did not need to be, they were very professional, friendly and helpful.

Geraldine Turner

Friendly support and advice

I have moderate hearing loss and so obviously appreciated the excellent aids I have been fitted with.

At all times the friendly support and advice I was given never faltered. A big thank you to you all, especially Andrej.


Glad I made an appointment

I first became aware of HearClear when I received an advertisement in the mail and decided to make an appointment. I am so glad I did. The service was great and Rob seemed to know exactly what I needed to improve my hearing. I now have a hearing aid which is so comfortable and clear I wear it all day every day. Thank you so much. A very satisfied customer.

Henderika Obst

Friendly and caring

From the first introduction to Andrej Kammer on 17th January 2014, I was impressed by his friendly, caring and thorough way in which he listened to my concerns and carried out the necessary tests.

Since then, I have acquired new hearing aids and I have made many visits to him for adjustment, and no matter how small, he has always given me friendly and positive attention.

I can sincerely recommend Andrej Kammer to be the audiologist whom you should choose to tend to your hearing needs.

Edith Wills

Hearing aids are cheaper than a divorce

Many thanks to HearClear for allowing me to use your hearing aids for a trial period prior to making a decision whether to go ahead to purchase. Also for extending that trial period to test moulds versus domes to assess which type of hearing aid best suits my needs.

In that time I was able to attend various social functions to put them to the test including noisy environments, meetings, a funeral, and I was also an MC at a wedding. I found it unbelievable that I heard what was being said at each occasion. It made me realise that over the years I have missed so much conversation. It was an incredible experience!

I have had a hearing aid for many years but the background noise drove me crazy so it stayed in my drawer and I managed without it.

We made the decision to purchase the HearClear hearing aids with moulds which seemed to suit me better than domes because I have a habit of wiggling my ears and the domes work their way out. I wear them every day (except when I am on my own and doing tractor work).

I worried about paying so much money for them but my wife assured me that it was cheaper than a divorce and she is enjoying not having to repeat herself all the time.

Jeff Drogemuller

I have re-discovered sound

I would like the world to know that I have re-discovered sounds that I have not heard for a very long time! My family and friends complained long enough to seek action. HearClear Audiology provided seamless action through Andrej Kammer who thoroughly tested my hearing and provided my essential hearing aids. I am very grateful for his professional approach.

Maurice Keane

I am not text book material

I was diagnosed as hard-of-hearing at the age of 10 through a doctor's examination. I then had to go for further test in Adelaide to see a specialist as I lived in the country. I was told "NO" to a hearing aid but had to learn how to lip read. My mother was somewhat shocked as she said to the specialist she would remove wax from the right ear - impossible as that ear is benign and it would only have been seepage.

The impact was I had to make sure in the classroom I would sit on the left of the teacher or sit alongside someone to my left, otherwise I was forever asking them, "what did you say?". Plus the other impact was not being able to hear my child crying in the night, or when someone whispered quietly to me. Also I would not be able to clearly understand someone at a distance or never feel comfortable in a large room with people talking. It was difficult to focus on one person's voice. I knew in conversations that I did not answer correctly by the strange "look" I received, so I would ask again.

In 1999 I had a severe rupture in the left ear which made the hearing drop considerably, so in 2000 I thought I would try a hearing aid in my left ear. Well it sort of helped.

However, throughout my life I have lived with hearing in 1 ear. Then in 2007 I started to have some vertigo attacks. Further tests proved to be a lot worse than that! It was Meniere's Disease! I was devastated to say the least

As I was not happy with various audiologists, I kept changing until I found someone who could see the other side. And when I did, he has turned my life around. Bless him. He told me: "I am not text book material". I was not surprised!

As time progressed, I am sure Andrej thought I lived at his consulting rooms. I was there nearly every second day or so in the early stages of disease. I was very, very frequent client! I am so very happy that I kept looking until I found a person who would listen and go out of his way to help me. I cannot thank him enough.

Time progressed and whilst I was using my Meniere's device, I would put my hearing aid in my right ear. SURPRISE I COULD HEAR THE TV! And even hear my husband.

So back to see audiologist - Andrej. I said to him I have my deceased mother-in-laws new hearing aid and I would like a mould made. He gave me that surprising look however we proceeded with the impression. The final result was that Andrej was somewhat surprised what I could hear.

So at the ripe age of 61 I was able to hear STEREO for the first time in my life. WOW!! That was exciting. Even my ENT specialist was impressed. To this day I am used for his talks at conventions. So needless to say, I really cannot thank Andrej and their wonderful staff for all the wonderful help they have given along with being so patient with me. I would really, really recommend someone who steps out of their comfort zone and looks after their client.

Lynette Ann Elliott

The best marriage aid

Fortunately, as a last attempt to find suitable hearing aids for my husband Ian, who thought his aids worked on his bedside table better than in his ears, I booked us both in for a hearing test at HearClear. I did not realise I had booked in for the best marriage aid.

Sophie, our audiologist was knowledgeable, understanding and helped us understand our communication issues caused by both of us having a deficit in the opposite ends of the hearing spectrum. Ian could not hear my higher tones and I could not hear his lower tones. With a range of brands, options and colours to choose from we agreed to trial the hearing aids that would ensure we had the best ones to suit our different lifestyle needs. I wanted clarity in group settings and for the aids to be tiny enough to fit into my smaller than average ear canal and not be seen with my short haircut. Ian wanted ones that felt like his slippers to wear. Not feeling pressured into buying one brand and HearClear’s policy of no payment until completely satisfied, made the experience so much more relaxed.

They arrived days later and as soon as I wore them I could hear so much more. It was so overwhelming to again clearly hear Ian’s voice, words and even his breaths between sentences, that I burst into tears. Not only could I enjoy all the sounds I missed, like the beginning of each person’s sentence, a single voice in a noisy room, most importantly I still have my career doing what I love, being a fun learning facilitator. I did not realise how much I was lip reading, guessing what people were saying and getting more tired at the end of the day because I needed to concentrate more. With just a few minor adjustments for comfort and sound, I have been energised and wearing them ever since. Ian has had to make more adjustments to his aids and I noticed these ones work in his ears! I also notice we don’t have the frustration of repeating ourselves, guessing what each other has said or choosing to not say anything as it is easier to stay quiet than create tension with the one we love. Thank you HearClear, you have made my husband a dear to hear.

Mary Saunders

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