Expert Hearing Loss Treatments & Solutions in Adelaide


Hearing loss is a common and treatable condition, with a range of solutions available to help improve your hearing, whether it’s hearing aids or medical procedures. At HearClear Audiology, we offer a comprehensive hearing assessment at no out-of-pocket cost, along with unbiased professional advice on the best course of action.

Surgical and Medical Intervention

In some cases, hearing loss can be corrected with surgical or medical intervention. If identified during your appointment, your audiologist can refer you to an appropriate specialist for further evaluation and treatment.


Most types of hearing loss are permanent, but they can be corrected by applying appropriate amplification. Hearing aids are the most common and advanced form of amplification. At HearClear Audiology, our qualified and experienced audiologists can recommend the best devices for your individual needs. We offer a range of quality brands and models of hearing devices and provide an obligation-free trial to ensure the best possible outcome.

Aural Rehabilitation

Speech and communication advice is beneficial for those experiencing ongoing difficulties in day-to-day communication. Our interactive process evaluates specific areas of difficulty and aims to optimise your ability to hear and communicate effectively, whether you have hearing aids or a non-aidable hearing loss.

Treating hearing loss can improve personal relationships and self-esteem, allowing you to participate in more social activities. Don’t wait to improve your hearing. Schedule a no-cost assessment with HearClear Audiology today.

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