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Widex Unique range

Hearing loss affect around 360 million people worldwide, so if you suffer from hearing loss you are not alone. The research team at Widex a leading manufacturer of quality Hearing Aids has also concluded that hearing loss increasingly affects younger people and those young at heart. As a result the team at Widex have developed a range of hearing aids called Unique especially for those with active lifestyles. 
Widex Unique Hearing Aids are discreet, stylish and contain more processing power than the average computer, thus allowing the user to communicate better, have greater confidence and feel less isolated. 
The Widex Unique range of hearing aids is revolutionary and pushes the boundaries of what you can hear allowing for softer and louder sounds, conversation and all the other important sound detail that affects everyday life. Wherever you are, the Widex Unique Hearing Aids allows you to more comfortably hear what is most important to you. 
Widex recognises that sound quality is vitally important to all Hearing Aid users and the Unique range uses the latest technology to provide the listener with a richer sound environment. The Widex Hearing Aid allows the user to clearly hear speech in noisy environments by removing unwanted sounds whilst retaining useful sounds such as quiet speech. 
Widex Unique is also great for those who love the outdoors with its unique ability to reduce wind noise thus making sure you can get the most out of your environment. The Widex Unique Hearing Aids are also equipped with a sound class system that adapts quickly to any situation thus making sure that the Widex Unique user is provided with optimum sound quality that is fully customised to the individuals hearing loss and sound situation. 
The Widex Unique technology is an exciting advancement for those with hearing loss and offers further technological connectivity options of linking your hearing aids to mobile phones, tablets and television, thus making it a perfect option for younger, healthy and active individuals with hearing loss.



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