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What can be done

Hearing loss is a common diagnosable and treatable condition. However due to the variety of causes and types of hearing loss there are also numerous choices of action to correct a hearing loss. The logical first step is to have a hearing assessment with a qualified audiologist. We at HearClear Audiology offer a comprehensive hearing assessment with ‘no out of pocket expense’ and unbiased professional advice. Once a hearing loss is diagnosed there is a wide range of hearing loss solutions available that can help you hear again, with increased clarity and confidence. Some of the possible solutions include; Surgical/Medical intervention, Amplification, Aural Rehabilitation. 





Surgical and Medical Intervention

Some forms of hearing loss are able to be corrected surgically or medically. If this is identified at your appointment, your audiologist will be able to refer you on to see the appropriate medical specialist for further assessment and treatment.


If you have a permanent hearing loss you are not alone. Most hearing losses are permanent in nature but can be corrected by applying appropriate amplification. Hearing aids are the most common and most advanced form of amplification for hearing loss. 



A qualified and experienced audiologist will be able to recommend the most appropriate devices for your needs. Keep in mind that hearing aids are only as good as the professional that has set them up for you. Take care in choosing the right audiologist and hearing clinic for an optimum outcome. Hearing aids have improved significantly over the last year or two with numerous new models being released with vast improvements from the last generation of hearing aids.

At HearClear Audiology, as an independent clinic we offer unbiased professional advice with a range of quality brands and models of hearing devices to choose from. We strive to offer the most suitable solution for each and every hearing loss and individual requirements. We make ourselves accountable for our recommendations with an ‘Obligation Free Trial’ of any suitable hearing devices. To ensure the best possible outcome we offer unlimited appointments to fine tune your devices for the best possible outcome.

Aural Rehabilitation

Speech and Communication advice is beneficial for people who are experiencing ongoing problems with day to day communication whether they have hearing aids or a non-aidable hearing loss. We take the time to identify and evaluate specific areas of difficulty a person is experiencing. The aim is to optimize a person’s ability to hear and communicate effectively and may involve the use of the person’s hearing aids as well as the use of other communication strategies and tactics. This is an interactive process and is designed to provide practical and meaningful information to both the person having difficulty with hearing and also their significant other(s).





Benefits of Improved Hearing

There are many benefits from treating a hearing loss, not just for the person with hearing loss, but also for their loved ones and friends. Our clinical experience supports the findings of studies which report that the majority of hearing aid wearers reported significantly improved quality of life, including improvements in:

  • Personal relationships
  • Self-esteem
  • Overall health
  • Independence and security.

Family members of individuals with hearing loss also notice greater benefit in personal relationships, self-esteem and overall health, sometimes they notice a greater improvement than the hearing aid user themselves. Clinically we often hear family members and loved ones of hearing aid users supporting the outcomes listed above. Correcting a hearing loss not only improves the lives of the people affected by the loss but it has positive results on the quality of life for those close to them. Making communication and understanding easier and reducing frustration.

Numerous benefits come as a result of treating hearing loss. Hearing devices do not only improve hearing, but can reduce the strain and tension created by poor hearing and misunderstandings and improve personal relationships with family and friends. Hearing aids can help people feel more confident in group situations because they can follow and understand the conversation. This allows people to participate in more social activities, which can lead to an improvement in their self- esteem and mood.

If you’re not convinced of the benefits, why not call us today for an obligation free trial of the latest hearing devices on 1300 55 22 07, and test the benefits for yourself.





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