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Programmable Hearing Aids

Hearing aids help improve communication and put people back in touch with family and friends allowing them to enjoy social activities again. 
One simple truth remains, however, it is essential that hearing aids are custom programmed to each individual user to meet their specific needs. 
Choosing the right programmable hearing aid means working with a trustworthy and qualified Audiologist to find a product that fits your hearing loss, lifestyle and budget. A good provider takes into consideration a patient’s hearing loss, their hearing needs, ear shape and health, dexterity, and vision. 
Just like a GP, the right audiologist can make the difference between a successful fitting and a terrible experience.
Programmable digital hearing aids are the most commonly used hearing aids among those with hearing loss. The technology within the hearing aids determines how the devices can be programmed, how much flexibility in adjustment is available as well as the capabilities of the hearing aids to cope with various listening situations of the individual user. The technology in the hearing aids is important, but it is only as good as the programming of the devices. 
Thus no matter how good the technology is, your hearing aids are only as good as the audiologist that sets them up for you. 
Digital hearing aids use a computer chip and offer the most flexibility to audiologists in making adjustments. Because we are human, we are all different and we all like different things. Sound is no exception, just because two people might have a very similar hearing loss it doesn’t mean they will respond to the same sound. For this reason programmable hearing aids and a good audiologist are both essential for an optimal outcome. 
As a caring audiologist in Adelaide we will offer the service required to ensure the hearing aids are optimised for each individual’s needs, even if it takes a few visits to achieve the final goal. Digital hearing aids also offer a number of settings that allow the user to manipulate the amplification of incoming sound in specific frequencies where it's difficult to hear.
Programmable digital hearing aids use digitized sound processing (DSP) to convert sound waves into a digital signal. The hearing aids analyze the signals to determine whether the sound is noise or speech, and then make modifications to provide a clear, amplified, distortion-free sound. The digital processing allows for more flexibility in programming the hearing aids and the sound it transmits matches your specific pattern of hearing loss. 
This digital technology offers many advantages. Some key benefits include: 
  • improvement in programmability 
  • greater precision in fitting 
  • management of loudness discomfort 
  • control of acoustic feedback (whistling sounds) 
  • noise reduction 
  • synchronized processing between the two hearing aids 
Some aids can store several programs and as your listening environment changes, the hearing aids can automatically adapt to the environment, or if you prefer, you can change the hearing aid settings manually. This is usually done by pushing a button on the hearing aid or by using a remote control to switch channels. The aid can also be reprogrammed by the audiologist if your hearing or hearing needs change. 

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