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Oticon Brain Hearing

Audiologists and researchers at Oticon readily admit that hearing happens in the brain. Whilst our ears pick up soundwaves, it’s the brain that translates these waves into neural signals. People with normal hearing, receive clear signals that are readily interpreted by the brain into sounds that we can recognise and daily sounds are stored as audio data. When hearing deteriorates these signals are no longer strong or clear and the brain struggles to fill in the gaps in these signals to make sense of the inconsistencies. 
The leading hearing aid manufacturer Oticon who has a reputation in innovation and design has adopted this notion of brain hearing, and now Brain Hearing Technology is instilled in all Oticon Hearing Aids. 
Brain Hearing technology by Oticon was developed to overcome the inconsistencies that loss of hearing causes and assists the brain to make sense of the sound environment. Oticon’s latest technology allows the hearing aid wearer to have a much more natural hearing experience, and simulates binaural hearing for the brain, it sorts through competing background noise whilst situating the listener in his/her environment. In conjunction with other Oticon technology, Brain Hearing now sets the standard for innovation in hearing aids. 
The latest Oticon hearing aids are designed with the brain in mind. The Velox and the previous Inium chips are super fast processing systems that allow the wearer to receive the information consistently and focus on sounds the wearer wants to hear whilst effectively filtering out back ground noise. Oticon hearing aids are also equipped with Spatial Sense Technology this ensuring a holistic sense of space for those using Oticon Hearing Aids. 
Oticon Hearing Aids also contain special speech recognition features which allow the wearer a greater ability to focus on conversation and coupled with the Free Focus feature provide the user the ability to focus on sounds they want to hear thus allowing for much greater flexibility and personalisation. 
Oticon Hearing Aids are designed to treat hearing loss whether mild, moderate or profound and the range of styles and ability to program hearing aid specifically to the individual user mean s that Oticon Aids offer great choice to the discerning hearing aid user.



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