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Improve your lifestyle with Hearing Aids Adelaide!

How Hearing Aids Can Improve Your Lifestyle


Hearing loss isn’t just an ear issue; it is a quality of life and health issue. One in six Australians suffer from such a debilitating loss, and unfortunately, people in Adelaide are not exempt.


If Left Untreated

Untreated hearing loss can have wide-ranging and serious consequences for the individual:

  • Depression 
  • Increased mental fatigue/stress 
  • Poorer memory 
  • Poorer mental health 
  • Difficulty focusing 
  • Social withdrawal 

Correcting the loss can lessen the cognitive load on your brain, as well as help, improve feelings of isolation and depression. But don't take my word for it.
Growing evidence indicates that older adults are more likely to experience the symptoms of cognitive decline if they have an untreated impairment. A recent Johns Hopkins study found that cognitive diminishment was 41 percent greater in Senior’s with a loss. The good news is that Hearing Aids Adelaide through reputable and independent service providers such as HearClear Audiology can improve the adverse effects of hearing loss on the brain.

Hearing Aids Adelaide suggests thinking of sound processing as a partnership between your ears and your brain. When someone speaks, your brain processes the sounds so you can understand them. That’s called cognitive load.

When you have an untreated, loss, the speech signals coming into your brain are not clear, so your mind has to work much harder to process them. When more brain resources are required for understanding sounds, other brain tasks such as memory and comprehension can suffer.

Audiologists recognise a significant benefit of early intervention with customised aids. When you lose the ability to process sound over time, your brain can actually "forget" how to hear individual sounds. For example, the longer your brain is deprived of high-frequency sounds, the harder it will be to process those sounds even after being fitted with aids.

Hearing Aids Adelaide can help

Aids process sound signals, so it's easier for your brain to understand them. They also reduce the cognitive load, making it easier for your mind to perform other tasks.


Benefits of wearing customised aids may include:

  • Reduced mental fatigue
  • Decrease feelings of isolation
  • Improved ability to multitask
  • Improved ability to focus and retain information
  • Enhanced communication skills

If you suspect cognitive or emotional problems, schedule both an audiological evaluation with a trained Audiologist and a physical exam with your general practitioner. HearClear Audiology is the specialist  to see for hearing aids Adelaide so book an obligation free appointment today.




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