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Hearing Awareness Week - 2015

3.5 Million Australians are Hearing Impaired or Deaf
August 23rd -29th is the annual Hearing Awareness Week which focuses on the fragility of hearing health and ways to protect it. HearClear Audiology aims to improve the overall quality of life for people in the local community who experience hearing difficulties with new and improved technologies. 
Hearing Awareness week aims to eliminate the stigma, isolation, lack of work opportunities, and the associated health issues which people face. It is often described as the ‘invisible disability’. *
This is partly because trying hard to hear is tiring, and people can run out of energy for other activities because they are working so hard at trying to hear better.
New technologies from hearing aid manufacturers aim to address the social implications for people by supplying discreet instruments; literally tiny ones that fit fully within the ear canal, but just as importantly with new technology, which focuses on helping the brain make sense of sound.
This technology will help reduce mental strain usually required when trying to hear better. This technology aims to support the brain not just the ears and changes the face of hearing technology in Australia. 
“Technology is advancing all the time and at HearClear Audiology we make sure we are at the forefront of this. We want people to get their energy for living back. We don’t want the lives and relationships of our community members to suffer, so it is important to do something immediately if you see any signs of hearing difficulty” says Robert Vinci, senior audiologist.
People often wait for years before they seek help for their hearing loss. They ignore the signs, which include turning the TV or stereo up so loud that others complain, frequently needing to ask others to repeat themselves and not being able to hear properly on the telephone; or suffering from ringing, whistling or buzzing in one’s ears. Relationships can suffer, feelings of isolation can creep in, and you’re exhausted at the end of the day.
Hearing awareness week has been and gone but it is not too late to take action if you or a loved one is experiencing hearing problems or suffering with tinnitus.
HearClear Audiology is offering an obligation free appointment to assess your hearing or tinnitus. 
If you already have hearing aids and not receiving the desired benefits take advantage of a free second opinion on your hearing needs, phone 1300 55 22 07.



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