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Audiologists In Adelaide What You Need To Know

What Do I Ask My Audiologist in Adelaide? 


With one in six Australians diagnosed with hearing loss and this number said to increase in the next few decades it stands to reason that finding a suitably qualified Audiologist in Adelaide is essential, as he or she can often be your most significant source of support and an advocate in your journey with hearing loss. Audiologists in Adelaide have expertise and training in all things related to hearing, and a qualified Audiologist (in Adelaide contact HearClear Audiology) can help you identify solutions and advice you on strategies that will help you to continue enjoying your everyday activities, even with a hearing loss.

Many people put off having a hearing test and do not seek out an Audiologist (also true for Adelaide) until they have difficulty hearing. A good relationship with your Audiologist in Adelaide is vital to the success of your hearing health journey, and we have identified the following questions, as a guide to your success.


1. What does a typical hearing test involve?

If you have never had a hearing test, it is understandable that you may not know what to expect so let's break it down. Usually, tests are broken up into three steps to get an overall picture of your hearing health. The first is medical history, including such things as – medications, past surgeries, hereditary conditions, etc. – that may affect hearing. Secondly, the Audiologist inspects the eardrum and outer ear, looking for signs of infection or trauma. Thirdly, the Audiologist will test audiological function, including tone thresholds and conduct tympanometry, which will assess the functionality of the middle ear.


2. What are my current hearing abilities?

It is fair to assume that your own daily experiences will give you a fair indication of what you can or can’t hear. An audiologist at HearClear Audiology in Adelaide and Country South Australia, however, can offer more insight regarding your hearing abilities. For instance, the Audiologist may be able to explain any of the changes you have experienced in your hearing and uncover the source of any hearing loss you may be experiencing. Audiologists in Adelaide may also be able to explain how your hearing may further deteriorate over time and the implications for your general health and lifestyle. The answers to these questions form part of developing the very best treatment options for every individual. Keep in mind that your hearing loss is as individual to you as your fingerprint, so there is no "one size fits all" solution.


3. Can I do anything to prevent further hearing loss?

Often it is assumed that once your hearing begins to deteriorate, that there is little that can be done to prevent further damage. However, current research by industry leaders and Audiologists in Adelaide points out; there are steps that a person can follow to prevent further hearing loss or damage. The H.E.A.R strategy is your guide:

  • “Hold yourself accountable”: Be Proactive about your health and education of health issues and seek out the services of an Audiologist in Adelaide
  • “Evaluate your surroundings”: Understand where you hear best and what you can do to optimize your surroundings
  • “Avoid the noise”: Avoid excessive noise wherever possible and take reasonable precautions to limit exposure
  • “Remember protection”: If you are unable to avoid excessive noise, remember to use hearing protection.
  • An Audiologist in Adelaide will be able to suggest specific techniques to address each of these components so that it works seamlessly with your particular lifestyle.

4. What assistance can my family offer?

Current research suggests that the family plays a vital role in both managing hearing loss and supporting the person affected and this holds true for both children and adults. Family members can also be of great assistance when making decisions on the different options available to assist you with your hearing loss. If family members understand your hearing loss, they can be more aware of your communication needs, and as such ensure that you can participate in all situations fully. The Audiologists at HearClear Audiology in Adelaide are more than happy to have family members attend appointments with you so they can have an understanding of what you are experiencing.


5. What are my options for assistance with my hearing?

Hearing loss is as individual to you as your fingerprint, and no two people have the same hearing loss. Today, the best solution for your impairment is customised aids. Like all high tech devices, these devices have improved significantly over just the past several years with regards to their appearance (most aids are very discreet) as well as their performance, with more directionality for better understanding in crowds and noisy situations.

We now have "invisible" solutions that fit deep inside your ear and are virtually undetectable when worn, to wireless options that stream audio directly from your TV, radio, and phone, today's hearing aids sound better, fit more comfortably and perform more reliably than ever before.

Come in for an obligation free hearing test and trial some of the latest technology and experience the difference it will make. Appointments are currently available with our Audiologists in Adelaide  and Country South Australia, so don’t delay call HearClear today.




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