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EVOKE hearing aids are packed with all the features your clients expect from Widex - including a wide range of models, colour variants, fitting ranges and more.



WIDEX EVOKE is the world’s only truly intelligent hearing aid.

This smart hearing aid intuitively analyses your sound environment and reacts to changes for natural, effortless hearing today and every day.
And because of its ability to learn from the hearing experiences of every user, EVOKE keeps evolving to grow even smarter tomorrow.


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Unique range

Unique hearing aids can communicate wirelessly with each other - processing sound together similar to the way our brain processes sound from both ears. This means that all the functions in your hearing aids are adjusted instantly depending on your listening environment. So even when you’re going from soft sounds to louder sounds, you can hear clearly. Unique also meets the challenge of hearing from different directions. It is the only Widex hearing aid that lets you focus on sound in selected directions without turning your head - perfect if you’re driving, for example. WIDEX Unique allows more sound in than any other hearing aid so you can hear more details of the world around you – Unique hearing aids provide a high definition sound in a way that’s as true-to-life as technology allows. By allowing more sound in and the ability to process the sound allows for performance even in noisy environments such as parties, sport events or at the cinema.


Widex employs unique technology that preserves the human voice allowing people to hear more words - for instance, enjoy conversations, even in the noise of a crowded restaurant or at a concert hall. Widex Unique hearing aids offer a full wireless solution to your hearing needs. The range is available in all styles and sizes from the most powerful to the virtually invisible. The family also features the revolutionary program, ZEN which can be used for relaxation or to relieve the ringing buzzing sounds known as tinnitus.
The Unique range comes in four levels of technology allowing for performance to suit your lifestyle and budget.





DEX - wireless technology

The new DEX™ assistive listening devices from Widex let you take advantage of a whole new world of sounds.
They make it easy for your hearing aids to communicate with:

  • phones
  • TV’s
  • remotes
  • other external devices

DEXTM devices allow for direct audio streaming from a variety of devices. Allowing you to connect directly and stream sound as it should be heard, no delays and no echo. The streaming devices also have a "room off" function. A button that allows the user to turn off the microphones of the hearing aids and stream the audio only, this helps to reduce other noises from interfering with your listening experience. So essentially you can turn your hearing aids into wireless high quality headphones.








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