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Digital Hearing Aids Adelaide


Volunteers Required

  • To participate, volunteers must be aged 21 years or older
  • FREE hearing assessments will be provided to establish level of hearing loss and whether the EVOKETM hearing aids are suitable
  • Hear Clear Audiology’s qualified clinicians will recommend a trial product based on individual hearing and lifestyle needs
  • Duration of the trial is for 30 days
  • The client agrees to follow instructions provided by HearClear Audiology for the proper use, care and storage of the hearing devices
  • HearClear Audiology is the owner of the hearing devices until such time as they are paid in full
  • The client may not reassign, transfer and/or sell the hearing devices
  • In the event of loss, damage or failure to return the hearing device(s), HearClear Audiology reserves the right to charge the client up to 100% of the stated value in the trial agreement at its sole discretion
  • Clients will be asked to complete an anonymous survey at the start and end of the trial period to share their experience. Combined results from all completed surveys will be used by HearClear Audiology to make improvements and continue to provide the highest level of service to our clients.