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If you or a loved one is experiencing difficulty with clarity of speech, hearing in social situations or constantly asking 'What?', 'Pardon?', 'could you please repeat that?', or simply giving answers that do not relate to the question - these are common signs of hearing loss. We recommend you come to see one of our university qualified audiologists for a Comprehensive Hearing Test (no out of pocket expense).

At HearClear Audiology everyone receives professional and unbiased advice. Our audiologists have access to the latest devices from around the world and supply, fit and service all reputable brands including; Oticon, Widex, Phonak, Siemens, Starkey, GN Resound, Unitron, Sonic, Bernafon and more.


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We pride ourselves on outstanding service and offer hearing aids and assistive devices to suit all needs. From invisible hearing aids to the most powerful and from the most sophisticated to affordable. If you have ever wondered what benefit hearing aids could provide for you but were uncertain about the outcome, then why not come and take advantage of an obligation free trial and experience the benefits for yourself.


HearClear Audiology offers a wide range of affordable hearing aids but more importantly we offer the professional aftercare to ensure the greatest outcome possible. The majority of the success with ANY hearing aid lies more with the prescription than with the features in the hearing aid. If you have the right audiologist and suitable hearing aids, you will be happy with your hearing aid fitting. So when choosing the right solution for you, don`t only consider the features on a piece of paper but make sure you also consider the service included in your hearing solution.
This is often the failing of hearing aids purchased online. You might purchase excellent hearing aids at an unbeatable price but without the correct settings, adjustments and ongoing care they are no better than the plastic casing surrounding the high tech device.



Professionalism cannot be measured by price or features; the clinician knows what they are doing or they do not. Also, keep in mind that a hearing aid fitting is a process, not an event. Good results take time and patience and the settings that work for you initially might not be ideal as time goes on. This is where HearClear Audiology differs from many other hearing clinics as we provide an individualised program, an obligation free trial on any suitable hearing aids and ongoing service to ensure everyone receives the highest performance achievable by their devices, now and in the future.


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